Annecy 2011: Best graduation short and junior jury award

Graduation short in collaboration with a production company

Animated cartoons and stop motion
Production: La Ménagerie/XboFilms/Ensad

Awards and selections:


.Annecy 2011:   Best graduation short
            Junior jury award

.SICAF 2011: Special distinction (Seoul International Cartoons & Animation Festival) 

.Monstra 2011: RTP2 award (Lisbon International Animation Festi

Sélections 2011:

    . Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival. France. February.
    . Festival «Ici et Demain», Student Art Festival of the city of Paris. France. March.   
    . Lisbon Animated Film Festival «Monstra». Portugal. March.
    . Munich Festival of French Speaking Cultures «Ffat». Germany. March.
    . Nantes Short Film Festival «La Semaine Tout Court». April.
    . Toulouse Festival of Student Short Films «Tolosa Tourne». April.
    . Beyruth Animated. Lebanon. May.
    . Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Festival of Animated Films and Visual Effects «Animayo». Spain. May.
    . Lviv International Festival of Short Films & Visual Art «Wiz-Artt». Lviv. Ukraine. May.
    . Annecy International Animation Film Festival. France. June.
    . Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival «SICAF». South-Corea. July.
    . Poznan International Animated Film Festival «Animator». Poland. July.
    . Couch Film Fest. On couches all around the world. September.
    . Geneva International Animation Film Festival «Animatou». Switzerland. October.
    . Lugano International Festival of Stop Motion Animation Techniques «Semafor». Switzerland. September.
    . Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation 2011. Germany. October.
    . Nice Short Film Fetsival «Un festival c’est trop court». France. October.
    . Bègles International Animation Film Festival «Les Nuits Magiques». France. Décember.
    . Segovia International Festival Animated Films and Video games «3D Wire». Spain. October.
    . Paris Short Films Festival «Courts Devant». October 2011
    . Bruz National Animation Film Festival. Rennes Métropole. France. December.